Spring is here and summer is approaching rapidly. As school begins to wind down, and Mother Nature heats up our neighborhoods, we get to indulge in the warm-weather activities we love. 
The Burlingame/Hillsborough area has maintained a strong commitment to our families throughout the years. One of the benefits of living within the 94010 is the abundance of programs our local services offer that enrich the lives of all our community members. Both the Hillsborough Recreation Department and the City of Burlingame Parks and Recreation are dedicated to the lifelong development of our community. Hillsborough is truly an incredible place to raise a family, thanks to top-quality schools, and when school is out, top-quality summer rec programs.

For the Kids 

Both Hillsborough and Burlingame offer extensive youth-oriented programs for all ages. Spring sports for kids include Lacrosse, Track, Badminton, Tennis, and Golf. The sign-up process for spring and summer enrichment programs has already begun.  Make sure to check out The City of Burlingame, where you can sign up your little ones for Camp Treehouse. This fun-filled art, music, and play-based enrichment camp is perfect for children between ages 3 and 4. And have you connected with either Hillsborough’s or Burlingame’s outstanding summer pre-kindergarten programs? The emphasis is to help your child develop exceptional social and academic skills prior to kindergarten. 
For older children, both Hillsborough and Burlingame have local favorite, Camp Galileo. This innovative learning camp is designed for kids through 8th grade. Camp Galileo offers an unique, hands-on opportunity that brings space exploration, national parks, technology, innovative design, and more directly to your children-all summer long. Additionally, the Hillsborough Rec Department offers HTV camps for kids interested in learning about television production and interactive media. The City of Burlingame also offers several other explorer camps geared towards getting your kids outside and active, exploring the Bay Area.

The fun doesn’t stop there; check out the City of Burlingame Brochure and the Hillsborough Rec Department Summer programs for additional opportunities to enhance your child’s summer experience. Everything from dance, cooking, robotics, science, music, and martial arts, not to mention swimming, soccer, and tennis, are at your child’s fingertips in the 94010 this summer. 

Adult Summer Fun 94010

Should our kids have all the fun? Of course not! In the 94010 adults have plenty of activities to enjoy as well. For example, through the City of Burlingame, adults can play co ed softball all summer long. Games are held throughout the week, and teams of differing levels of experience are available. I am sure you can find “your” team. Other sports offered throughout the season include bocce ball, women’s soccer, and men’s basketball. 

If outdoor recreation is not your forte, there is a significant number of both indoor fitness and art/creative opportunities for Hillsborough and Burlingame residents. The City of Burlingame offers  Zumba, yoga, meditation, pilates, and dance classes to enhance your fitness. If you are interested in artistic pursuits, check out classes such as Watercolor, Intro to Drawing, Ceramics, or Jewelry Making.

Think you are “too old to learn a new trick”? Think again. Although most adults’ formative educational years are behind us, it is never too late to learn something new. Both The City of Burlingame and Hillsborough offer several programs for adults to develop new skills or renew old ones. For example, language programs in French and Spanish are offered regularly, in addition to music lessons, crochet, bridge, and knitting classes. 

Do you know a senior who could benefit from a new hobby? The list of programs for “Active Adults” is extensive. For our older residents, Burlingame hosts several senior citizen social groups and outings. A very popular senior activity is Bingo and lunch, which happens every Tuesday at the Recreation Center in Burlingame. Additionally, drop in activities like Bridge, Ping-Pong, and Friday Matinee movies are fantastic ways for our seniors to stay involved and active within their community. 

The 94010 has a long-standing history as a community committed to its residents. And as such, each year the cities of Burlingame and Hillsborough offer phenomenal opportunities for all residents to enjoy. 

Mark your calendars for the Streets Alive Parks Alive Event in downtown Burlingame on the 1st of May from 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Join your community and Haggarty Group members and celebrate the importance of parks, outdoor activities, public spaces, and healthy living here on the Peninsula. 

For more information about the amazing enrichment programs offered in the 94010, contact me at (650) 207-5192. And, let me know in the comments below, what is your favorite Spring Recreational Program in 94010?