My philosophy is to put my clients first. The greatest compliment anyone in the business of client relations can receive is the endorsement of one’s clients in the form of the referral of their friends and family.  I am proud to call each one of my clients and neighbors not only satisfied customers, but friends as well.


Our decision to hire Gina Haggarty and her team to sell our family home in Hillsborough was one of the best decisions we have ever made.

Our decision to hire Gina Haggarty and her team to sell our family home in Hillsborough was one of the best decisions we have ever made. As we reflect upon our experience with Gina, we have the upmost respect and admiration for her.

We began our relationship by seeking her counsel on selling our family home after two previous unsuccessful attempts. Gina took the time to meet with us on several occasions to talk about her approach to marketing and selling our home. It was evident from the beginning that she had a very extensive and successful history of selling homes in our area.

We asked Gina for an honest assessment of our home’s value. Working together with her, we came up with a plan that would enable us to sell our home in the shortest amount of time for the most amount of money. She patiently walked us through her process of preparing our home for sale. She made a variety of recommendations for us to choose from so that our home shone brightly when it was put on the market. We followed each and every one of her professional recommendations including updates to our home and staging suggestions. When our home was ready to go on the market it had never looked more beautiful.

Gina had meticulously crafted a marketing plan for our home that included open houses, broker tours, print mailings, video and social media. She kept us calm during the sales period. She was respectful of our needs every inch of the way. Additionally, she was amazingly positive and reassuring. Gina designed such an outstanding marketing program for our home that within two weeks time we had multiple offers and were under contract for over asking price.

I highly recommend Gina Haggarty and her team to anyone who is seeking to sell or buy a home and desires a trustworthy, respectful, and highly experienced real estate professional as a partner. We feel truly blessed we had an opportunity to work with Gina. She is remarkably intelligent, honest and a kind person as well as an outstanding real estate professional! It was an honor to get to know Gina and work along side with her in selling our home. We truly hold her in the highest of esteem. We will enthusiastically refer Gina to everyone we know looking to buy or sell a home.

With Gratitude,

Mindy & Philip Rosenberg

Mindy & Philip Rosenberg

She will get the job done, and she will be a part of your family forever.

“In the hot and rapidly moving real estate market of the San Francisco Bay Area Peninsula, it behooves one to select a realtor with confidence and experience so as not to lose out and be left behind in the dust.  Our experience with Gina Haggarty was positive from the very first moment we met her at an open house 3 years ago.  She exuded an aura of knowledge and expertise, but most importantly it was the personal attention and friendliness amidst a very hectic and busy open house that caught our eye.  We saved her business card and made it a point to remember such an exclusive realtor.

Purchasing a home in the Peninsula (San Mateo, Burlingame, Hillsborough) is no easy task with the harsh competition.  We actually submitted a bid unsuccessfully for a house in Burlingame earlier before we had ever met Gina, but with another realtor that was not from the area.  We cannot over-emphasize the importance of selecting a realtor with experience and focus in the area that that you are looking to buy.  With her excellent website… and sales records Gina Haggarty fits that description.  Her professionalism and integrity are unparalleled and she will  make you feel right at home as if you are part of her own family.

As the time approached and my wife and I found a home we loved in Burlingame, we contacted Gina Haggarty and met with her and she helped us make an offer for our home. She helped us look at comparable sales in the area and we submitted our offer.  I remember the entire process going by so fast with things happening a million miles a minute.  However, Gina Haggarty was always a stable influence and we appreciated here sincerity, honesty, and
directness.  Being able to reach her with our questions and having them answered was natural and extremely quick. We were impressed by her rapid response to our communications. She not only helped us secure our house but also helped us with tips on renovations, contractors, plumbers, and home warranty insurance.  We consider ourselves “Clients for life.”

It is with the utmost confidence that we recommend realtor Gina Haggarty if you are looking to buy or sell a home in the Peninsula.  She got the job done quickly and efficiently for us, and I still cannot believe we got our house that we wanted.  Gina work will hard for you and is sensitive to individual needs and is willing to adapt to clients.  She will get the job done, and she will be a part of your family forever.”


The Liao Family, Burlingame

genuine and trustworthy

“When we started thinking about buying a new home, we went to many open houses and quickly realized that we needed the help of a professional to help us find what we were looking for. We met Gina Haggarty at one of the open houses we attended and immediately felt that she was a very genuine and trustworthy person. Gina took us on a grand tour of the Peninsula to make sure that we had as much information as possible before we made a buying decision. We were very impressed with Gina’s knowledge of the Peninsula, as well as with her professionalism and honesty. She helped us find our dream home and was very responsive to our numerous questions no matter how small. We would definitely work with Gina again and recommend her to anyone looking to buy a new home.”

Tullus and Teresa Miller – Hillsborough

She is tenacious, clever, wise, kind, cheerful, efficient, punctual, and fights for her clients.

Grateful. That’s how we feel about our experience working with Gina Haggarty. She is tenacious, clever, wise, kind, cheerful, efficient, punctual, and fights for her clients. You can’t say fairer than that.

Gina replied quickly and kindly to our slightly awkward initial contact email, and came in on a Sunday to meet with us as it was our only free day on the Peninsula. Within a few minutes of meeting her, we felt her warmth and her genuine kind spirit, and we knew that she would have our best interests at heart throughout the always-fraught process of searching for and purchasing a home.

We can say, in hindsight now that we are the proud owners of our wonderful home, Gina looked out for us every step of the way. Not only did she pretty much insist on us seeing what is now OUR house (“Come on guys, this one is special, make time to see it!”), but she helped us understand the market and the comparable recent sales, guided us as we waded through all of the paperwork and coordinated with us from afar as we were out of the country for much of the closing process.

We never felt anything but completely calm when we saw her name pop up on an email or a text – not only is she truly a professional, and a lady who understands the ins and outs of California real estate better than anyone I’ve ever seen, but she is a wonderful person, and someone we now feel lucky to call a friend.

Lanie and Matt Veckman – Hillsborough

She has integrity, is flexible, and very trustworthy.

“We couldn’t have asked for a better partner than Gina. She is an absolute pleasure to work with and a very hard worker who has her clients’ best interests at heart. Gina is not only knowledgeable about the local property market and can provide a well-informed point of view, but she has integrity, is flexible, and very trustworthy. She was our day-to-day, on-the-ground project manager for all the work we wanted to have done prior to putting the property on the market, keeping us up-to-date and calling on us only for those decisions she absolutely needed from us. Leveraging her strong, reliable network of partners, we were able to hit our very aggressive timeline thanks to her skills, drive, and dedication. We are very grateful to have had such a wonderful experience working with Gina and look forward to working with her again.”


We put our house on the market and received 6 offers

“Fumiko and I have lived in Hillsborough for 22 years, we decided to sell our home and called Gina. We had interviewed a few real estate agents – some whom discount their fees. One of them brought us an offer on our home before it was for sale. The price they wanted was $1,600,000. We discussed this with Gina and she felt we could receive a higher price for our home if we did a few minor things to it. We decided to have Gina help us. She was amazing for us. We had some traveling to do and could not do the work right away. Gina brought us another buyer who wanted our home for $1,650,000. She counseled us and let us know we could receive more. We decided to do the changes Gina suggested, painting, new landscaping, take out all our carpet and expose the hardwood floors and rebuild a retaining wall. We put our house on the market and received 6 offers and sold our home for $1,925,000 – $305,000 more than the other offer. We would only use Gina ever for all our real estate needs and we highly recommend her to anyone who wants a true professional.”

Yoshimi and Fumiko Haruyama — Hillsborough

our home sold for the highest dollar per square foot of any home within the last 3 years!

“A short time ago we decided to sell our home in Hillsborough. Home prices were down and there were a lot of homes on the market. We called and met with Gina, we told her we wanted to sell our home at the higher end of the market and within 30 days! We took Gina through our home; she took notes and asked questions. Gina advised us as to what we should do to sell our home at the highest price.

After completing Gina’s checklist, we put our home on the market, within 21 days, we had multiple offers and accepted one above our asking price. We found out after close, that our home sold for the highest dollar per square foot ($1,006.00) of any home within the last 3 years! Many larger homes in our area, priced lower than ours were still on the market!

Gina was wonderful to work with, always there for us and she made sure we understood each step of the process.We felt blessed to have Gina as our Realtor; we recommend her to everyone!”

Mark and Sandra Parola — Hillsborough

friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and a good negotiator to boot

“Gina is a pleasure to work with. She is friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and a good negotiator to boot. She took me on a very informative tour of Hillsborough, describing its history and providing background about the different neighborhoods. And when it came to making an offer, she was very resourceful and strategic. Even after the purchase, she was a fountain of information and support. I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in the Burlingame and Hillsborough areas.”

Roberta Kameda and Bob Sims — Hillsborough

she cares about her clients and takes great pride in her work

“Gina is a terrific agent for many reasons but it mostly boils down to the fact that she cares about her clients and takes great pride in her work. She is a complete professional who knows the market she sells extremely well and has the experience to guide her clients through the process with ease. Cap it off with her sunny disposition and seemingly constant availability and you have an ideal agent. I would not hesitate to recommend her.”

Jeff and Anna Bornstein — Burlingame

in tune to our needs

“Gina was super! She provided us with great service, was in tune to our needs, and spent a lot of time finding out what it was that we were trying to accomplish. Gina is well versed in all areas of real estate and is, in our opinion, a great negotiator. If and when we need a real estate agent in the future, or if our friends need one, we will without a doubt look to Gina for her services.”

Sue Webber — Burlingame

Your efficiency, knowledge, and negotiating skills were responsible for our getting the home we wanted in the price range we could afford.

“My wife Jennifer and I want to thank you again for making our first home purchase such a smooth, hassle-free experience.

With both of us working, it was such a help having you listen to what we wanted in a home, the areas in which we wanted to live, and the price range we wanted to pay. You arranged for us to see listings that fit these requirements, thus saving us time and energy.

Your efficiency, knowledge, and negotiating skills were responsible for our getting the home we wanted in the price range we could afford. In this real estate marketplace, we realized how fortunate we were to have you representing us. You can be sure that we will recommend you to anyone who is looking for a home.”

Jennifer and Jack Fabrique — Burlingame

When other agents were not interested in us, you made us feel like we were important.

Our relationship started over seven years ago when you took the time to help us find an apartment when we were moving to San Mateo. When other agents were not interested in us, you made us feel like we were important.

It meant so much to us that a year later when we were ready to buy our first house we went to you! And now, once again you have helped us so much by selling our first home and helping us purchase our second home!

Your incredible knowledge of the real estate industry, both technical and interpersonal, made us comfortable to know that we were in good hands! Your guidance and expertise helped us determine what we needed to get the house we wanted. Once we got it, not only did you handle all the details of setting up inspection appointments, but you were with us at every appointment every step of the way. No detail was left undone. On top of this, your professionalism in interacting with everyone from ourselves to the other realtors, to the clients on the other end was wonderful.

And even after the purchase of our new home was final you were right there to help us when we had plumbing issues. Your help did not stop just because the transactions were final.

We thank you for all your help and your friendship!”

Manuel and Correy Bernal — San Mateo

Gina’s expertise was invaluable to us and we feel really lucky to have found her.

“Gina is a fantastic agent and we had a wonderful experience working with her to buy our first home. Gina is very experienced and her deep knowledge of the Bay Area real estate market makes her a great asset to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. As first-time home buyers, we were very lucky to have Gina advising us through each phase of the process, helping us to find the ideal city, neighborhood and home, sign the purchase contract, and settle into our new place.

Although we have lived in the Bay Area for a number of years, when we began looking at homes, we realized that we needed the advice of someone who was both skilled and experienced as an agent and deeply familiar with the area. Gina is both of these, and in addition to being a successful agent, is an active member of the community. From the moment we met with her in her office, we knew we had found the perfect ally and partner for our search.

During the first phase of our home-buying project, Gina was the perfect guide, providing us with the history of each neighborhood and details about the schools, community, and overall character of the neighborhood. In addition, because of Gina’s extensive experience as an agent, she was able to instantly understand what we were looking for in a home, helping us to articulate and prioritize our needs. Gina was always available to meet with us, even on very short notice, and spent countless hours with us touring potential new homes and counseling us on the pros and cons of each home. Gina’s candor and good humor made these trips both educational and enjoyable and helped us sort through the numerous houses on the market. During the second phase, which began with our offer for our future home, Gina skillfully negotiated with the sellers through a prolonged bidding process and achieved exactly our desired result. Gina guided us through the voluminous paperwork required to make the offer and clearly explained each step of the process. After we signed the contract, we realized that we were entering yet another unfamiliar phase-being actual homeowners. Gina was again our trusted advisor, providing us with advice regarding home improvements, resources for home-related services, and other general, practical advice. Gina recommended really great, efficient service providers and helped us to get up and running.

Overall, Gina’s expertise was invaluable to us and we feel really lucky to have found her. We highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to buy or sell a home. Gina has a fantastic team, including her son Charley, who is really friendly, service-oriented and a true pleasure to work with. At every stage of the process, we felt confident that we were making the right decision. Our particular search took quite a few months and Gina’s friendliness, positive attitude, and sparkling personality made a potentially stressful process very fun and exciting.”

Kaan and Elizabeth Ersun — Menlo Park

Gina’s instincts for what buyers and sellers need are always accurate.

“I have known Gina Haggarty since moving to Hillsborough in 1997. Gina has worked with my family on several real estate deals in Hillsborough and San Mateo. Gina’s instincts for what buyers and sellers need are always accurate. The diverse abilities Gina possesses helped in: securing a home in a highly competitive market, selling that home for top dollar quickly at just the right time, successfully acquiring another property during an intense multiple bid situation, and most recently, sensitively supporting the purchase of a new home.

Gina honors the personal responsibility she feels for each client. A perfect combination of smart and savvy, partnered with ethical and honest is what to expect when working with her. Gina is realistic and tenacious and makes sure her clients come first. She knows how to get into contract and how to get to a successful closing.”

Laurie Daniels — Hillsborough

knowledgeable and resourceful

Gina is a very knowledgeable and resourceful agent. She helped me in all aspect of the purchase process, as well as the post-sale aspects. She is a delight to work with.

Julie Buckmaster — Hillsborough, Burlingame, San Mateo and Menlo Park

Gina was true to her word.

“Gina worked with us to prepare and sell our starter house in a month. We were in the middle of a long distance move, and she assured us that she would take care of needed repairs, painting, landscaping, inspections, flooring, and everything else needed from start to closing. Gina was true to her word. She made it really easy for us: although she had great ideas and a professional eye for detail and style that sells, she was also open to our opinions, even when they weren’t as informed as hers. The house listed and closed within 21 days, and at higher than the listing price! We would highly recommend Gina Haggarty to anyone who wants a full-service agent with integrity and professional insight. I would absolutely work with Gina again if the opportunity arises.”

Kim-Anh Nguyen and Joe Fo — Millbrae

Gina knew what we were looking for…

“Gina helped us sell our home in Belmont CA in 2011, she was instrumental in the sale. Gina provided guidance in colors for the exterior and interior of house, also helped us pick up new light fixtures where needed, and also guidance to spruce up our landscaping.

The house sold in about two months, and so close to our asking price we accepted the first offer, the transaction was smooth Gina helped us through the offer and cleaned out some language in the offer that we were not comfortable with. (This all happened within one hour.)

We then had Gina look for a condo around Belmont, San Carlos area, since Gina knew what we were looking for, the first listing we saw, we made an offer and it was accepted. We wanted to lease the condo to travel for a while. And again Gina came thru and got us a tenant for one year with no problems; Gina took care of all the necessary contracts for the lease. We were out of the country before the final sign off of the sale of our house and the paperwork for the new condo. Gina managed via email for us to sign any documents that needed to be signed to close sale of house, the condo and the agreement for the lease of condo. Gina is now our manager for our rental.

Gina was recommended by my son, Gina also sold their home and then they purchased another in San Mateo from her, Gina is a true professional and would recommend her services, she is the BEST!”

—Manuel and Isabel Bernal, Belmont and San Carlos

The only downside to getting the house we wanted is that now we miss seeing her every weekend.

“We started looking for houses about a year ago and ran into Gina at an open house. She was very warm and friendly, not fake or the kind of person that would tell you what you wanted to hear just to get your business. She doesn’t “ooze” superficiality and she instantly felt trustworthy to us. We found some property and she found out all the information for us and help us meet with the other side’s agents. A year later we were ready to look again and she listened to what we wanted and showed us a bunch of charming houses. We went through the offer process, during which she did tons of paperwork. We ended up finding another property that we both loved instantly, and she did the paperwork, made sure we got everything done on time, poked the lenders to make sure they were working on the same timeline, and managed to get all of us cats doing the same thing at the same time. She found us a great inspector and she is very knowledgeable about the area and has a great memory. It felt like she really gave us her all.

She’s really easy to get along with and it felt like we were hanging out with a friend. The only downside to getting the house we wanted is that now we miss seeing her every weekend.”

Crystal Susa and Nils Beck — San Mateo

genuine personal and professional integrity

“This letter is written to recognize and recommend the outstanding service, professionalism, and most importantly, the expertise of Gina Haggarty as real estate professional. From our direct buying experience with Gina, she has demonstrated excellent customer focus and service, excellent market knowledge, an amazing work ethic, and genuine personal and professional integrity. We highly recommend Gina and her team for your consideration as your real estate professionals.

We had the pleasure to work with Gina as buyers over the summer of 2010. Gina provided us with personal attention and service that exceeded our expectations, and she worked tirelessly with us to find a house that met our needs. As buyers looking to purchase a home in San Mateo County, she listened intently to our needs, helped us evaluate houses, and then used her market knowledge to negotiate an outstanding final price to close the deal. She was always available to talk with us, email with us, and text message with us regarding anything related to our home search and purchase.

Finally, as a result of the many hours that we spent with Gina during the buying process, we have come to know Gina well. She is a person of high ethical, moral, and professional standards, which is reflected in her work. Gina has earned my highest recommendation as a Realtor, and as a result, I would highly recommend Gina and the Haggarty team for your consideration as your real estate professionals.”

Omid and Leah Eizadi — Burlingame

we lived on the other coast and she handled everything

“We hired Gina to sell our house because she knew our neighborhood well and could give details or provide answers to buyers. At the time we lived on the other coast and she handled everything herself from getting the house ready, meeting inspectors and handyman. She was professional from the beginning, listened, punctual, provided very timely follow up both verbally and on spreadsheets. Once contracts came in she was very knowledgeable on negotiations and financial advise. For closing, she was on top of the paperwork and deadlines to make for a smooth transition. And she was a positive happy person to work with and nothing ever had to be reviewed twice. It was done correctly the first time. It was a wonderful experience working with Gina. We highly recommend her to be your realtor.”

Kathy and John Roberts — Hillsborough

Your patience and understanding with all of our questions was commendable.

“We would like to express our gratitude for everything you have done for us both on the sale of our home and helping us move into our new home. We were particularly impressed with how you handled all the details to get our house ready for sale. Since both of us work, it was such relief that you took care of every detail including scheduling the painters, contractors, staging, skunk removal, etc, all with an eye towards quality and price.

We also appreciate the way you took the time to explain with great patience, the details of each offer. Your patience and understanding with all of our questions was commendable.

We’re also grateful for all the help as we moved into our new house. You’re contacts and references for contractors of all types are truly invaluable. You found us a great contractor to make repairs and updates to our home. And you continue to be generous with your time and offer wonderful suggestions as we work towards more renovations of our new house. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone looking for a home in the area.”

Paul and Stacey Soals — Foster City

used Gina in 6 real estate transactions over the years

“Maha and I have used Gina in 6 real estate transactions over the years. She is the only agent we would consider using and the only one we would recommend in the Peninsula.

Gina is a seasoned and experienced agent who knows her markets cold, including the personalities of the agents she works with in transactions. She imparts unsurpassed judgment in critical, sometimes difficult, situations. She has an amazing network of service providers — plumbers, mortgage brokers, stagers, contractors, landscapers, cleaners, you name it — that she is more than willing to bring to bear in appropriate situations. And more than all that, she is the most pragmatic, solution-oriented agent you can find.

She went the extra mile for us time and again, and I’m sure she will do the same for anyone else looking for excellence in a real estate agent.”


“The current, seller-oriented housing market in the Bay Area demands that potential home buyers be committed and aggressive. Gina’s style as a real estate broker allowed us to meet this challenge. Virtually days after we contacted her, she had arranged for pre-approval of a mortgage, shown us attractive real estate in the areas in which we were interested, and already began to tackle the myriad number of little things that accompany securing housing in this market. More importantly, it was her ‘take charge’ disposition to service that impressed us the most; with Gina, we immediately knew that our needs had been heard and were diligently being addressed.

Aside from quality service, we were also benefactors of Gina’s experience and knowledge. She was aware, for example, of nuanced and accurate details regarding every neighborhood in which we looked, a fact that helped us to isolate exactly where we wanted to live within Burlingame. Moreover, her contacts with only the most qualified third parties involved with our real estate purchase—persons such as mortgage brokers, home inspectors, and home repairmen—were crucial in helping alleviate all complications that arose throughout the purchasing process.

Of course, service, experience, and knowledge are not the only qualities a good real estate agent must have. She must also be personable, someone with whom one can quickly relate to and feel comfortable. Personability, perhaps, is the most obvious quality about Gina. It is also the single most important reason we chose her as our real estate broker. Quite simply, we really liked her from the start.”

Caine Moss and Maha Ibrahim — Hillsborough

her excellent rapport with local agents, built over many years in this line of work, helped us land the home.

Gina is THE real estate agent that you want to help you buy & sell your home.

We met her a few years ago at an open house, stating clearly that we weren’t yet ready to buy. She respected that and told us to reach out when we were ready. Over the years, we met a lot of agents and at the risk of sounding corny, we felt a connection with her.

A few months ago, we came across an amazing home, so we gave her a call and told her that we’d like her assistance in putting together an offer. She kicked into high gear, lining everything up for us. The first house was a bidding war, and we asked her opinion of the terms that the sellers wanted. She could have told us to sign everything over and we would have and gotten the home; instead, she advised us against it because it was something that she wasn’t comfortable with… and taking her advice was absolutely the right thing to do. We saw another house a few weeks later that we loved more than this first house, made a strong preemptive offer, and got it. I honestly believe that her excellent rapport with local agents, built over many years in this line of work, helped us land the home. In this crazy market, having someone who really knows the ins-and-outs of the local market is essential.

One thing I love about Gina is her respect for your preferences, and her willingness to adapt to your needs. If you want someone hands-on, she is that person for you. If you want her to handle most of the details, she does that well too. I wanted to be hands-off with the home purchase, and hands-on with our condo sale. She did each exactly as we wanted. She has a team of reliable experts to help with all stages of home buying – mortgage, painting, fixing the place up, inspector… you name it, she knows someone who will do the work well, at a reasonable price, and without a long wait.

With Redfin and other lower-cost options available, it begs the question whether it’s worth it to pay for a full-service shop to help you buy/sell a home. (Trust me, I love a discount.) However, Gina’s worth every penny – she helped us write an offer that got us the place we wanted, and her suggestions for the condo helped us get top dollar.

I’d love to work with her again, but I plan to never move again. 🙂 For anyone looking for an awesome agent, give Gina a shout! 

Doreen and Ravi Sinha — Burlingame

She made us feel like part of her family…

Gina is an amazing person and THE person you want with you to buy a home on the peninsula.

As a new family to the bay area and the west coast, one of my coworkers highly recommended Gina to help us find a home. From the beginning Gina explained the process and pointed us in the right directions regarding which neighborhoods would be right for us. Gina spent many weekends with us going to open houses and debating certain home’s long-term value potential and livability. As a native to the area, she was able to give us insight into the different neighborhoods, which helped us to narrow our selections.

When we finally found THE home, Gina jumped on it, came to our place (it was late and we have 2 young children) to write the offer and we had it to the sellers that night. We quickly found out that we were dealing with difficult sellers (the seller was an out of town real estate agent herself) and Gina was aggressive in getting the deal closed. As my husband and I both work FT, Gina was able to make things simple by going though all of the documents and disclosures for us and pointing out the important items, she had us sign everything electronically, which alleviated the need to meet up to sign all of the subsequent documents.

The amazing value add, particularly as an out of towner, was that Gina has accumulated an amazing network of “people” over the years. She was able to get us second opinions on our inspections, she set up contractors to give us quotes on the work to be done to the house and even met us at the house for the quotes so that she could provide any additional insight and help us to negotiate. We were on a budget and she helped us to work within that budget, from the painter, to the floor guy, the handyman, the roofer, the gardener and even a designer that was willing to work with us at a reasonable hourly rate (all were amazing!).

One last thing that made Gina stand apart for us was her warm personality. She made us feel like part of her family and that she truly cared that we ended up in the right home at the right price for our family. It has been a pleasure working with Gina and now that we are starting to settle in, I realize I miss our daily interactions! Gina’s great, I would recommend her to anyone.

Jaime and Pat Slocum — Redwood City

The house sold for more than 10% above the asking price.

“After interviewing 3 different Real State agents, we decided to work with Gina to sell our home in Burlingame. She was very personable, easy to communicate with, and showed a deep understanding of the house market in the area. We also liked her approach to maximize the value that we could get from our home. Because we were relocating to San Diego, we had to leave the area and we left Gina to take care of all the repairs and changes required, not only to pass all the inspections, but those details that could enhance the selling price. She never did anything without our authorization. Furthermore, she always made sure that charges were correct and changed providers when their quotes s were too high. She put the house in the market on the expected date, even that the inspections caused some delays. Gina made our home look very nice and the ads and video made to promote it were of high quality. The house was in the market for 2 weeks and at the end, Gina presented us 4 offers and discussed the pros and cons of each one, answering all our questions.. The house sold for more than 10% above the asking price. It was a real pleasure working with Gina.”

Fernando and Isabel Valle — Burlingame

She has not only become our friend, but also a great source of knowledge.

“We came to the Bay Area about 5 months ago and we knew nothing about the different areas in this part of California, but we were lucky enough to be introduced to Gina through my husband’s company. We are not first time buyers, so we already knew quite a lot about house hunting, but we can definitely rank Gina as one of the most professional realtors we have ever worked with. She is not only honest and caring, but also very concerned with the buyer’s needs and expectations. She will not rush you into buying a house you do not desire or make you feel uncomfortable at any time during the whole process. She will definitely let the buyer know if a house has a previous history or a defect prior to even considering the house.

Gina’s expertise did help us to buy our house within the first month of our house hunting, this, considering the fact that we were insisting on finding a house in Burlingame, was no easy task! Gina not only found our desired house for us, but she has also helped us, to this day, renovate it by introducing to us a great team of contractors, plumbers, electricians, etc. to help our project go as smoothly as possible. I definitely recommend Gina as a realtor to any potential house hunter. You can never go wrong by choosing Gina! She has not only become our friend, but also a great source of knowledge. Your the best Gina!”

Sara and Merdaht - Burlingame

You took the time to understand our priorities and objectives

“As I hope you know, we are very, very pleased with both the extended process of preparing our home for sale and the outcome of the transaction. We have never second-guessed our decision to have you represent us. Highlights of our relationship with you were:

• You took the time to understand our priorities and objectives and without fail were timely in responding to our questions and concerns including guidance through the endless disclosure package that is necessary to list the house.

• You thoroughly understand the market in Hillsborough and kept us informed about comparable properties on the market as we prepared the house for sale. This led to our comfort with the pricing strategy that you recommended for the sale of the house. And low and behold the eventual purchase offers were in line with your forecast and the market at the time of the sale.

• Our home required some freshening cosmetic work to ready it for sale. Your counsel on what work to do and recommendations for cleaners, painters, landscapers, handymen and others to actually do the work was invaluable. The cosmetic “upgrade” was cost effective and greatly facilitated the sale. A seller absolutely could not go wrong in selecting you to market his property. Thank you again.”

Jim McCreary - Hillsborough

Her advice in listing the property and negotiating the sale was perfect.

“Recently I had the pleasure of working with Gina Haggarty on the sale of an estate home in Hillsborough. But, before I describe my experience, allow me to establish my credibility in reviewing her performance.

In the past year I have retained three different real estate agents to sell different properties. Over the years I have sold more than 20 homes that I have owned. Each of these sales had various problems during the selling and closing process. And, each of the sales person involved had different ways of handing problems and communicating with me. Needless to say I have had both bad and good experiences.

Without question, Gina Haggarty is the best real estate agent I have ever worked with in my life. Her promotion and sales skills were excellent. Her advice in listing the property and negotiating the sale was perfect. Her ability to close cleanly and on time was the frosting on the cake. She always kept me informed with what was happening, and responded rapidly to any questions I had.

In short, the entire sales process with Gina. Haggarty was as smooth and as fast as possible. And she did this in a strong buyer’s market. I highly recommend her to be your real estate agent. She knows what she is doing and can be trusted to get you the best deal possible.”

Gary P. Cinti — Hillsborough

The best agent we have ever worked with

“Gina sold our house in Hillsborough in a week! She really helped us set things up so the house showed well. The house looked amazing when she was done with it. It was almost a shame to move. Gina really helped with every aspect of the sale. We were never left wondering what’s next. From the setting up to the final close , she was with us , guiding us all the way. She is easily the best agent we have ever worked with. We moved out of the state, I wish she could have helped us with our house purchase. Highly Recommend her to anyone!”

Shal Jacobovitz — Hillsborough